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We help businesses to make an


Social Wiz is a Social Media Marketing Agency in London, UK.


We know that every business is made with a passion. And we want to help that passion reach your target audience.

We want to get to know your business and the passion you have for your company, so we can relay that energy to your potential customers. 

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Every Post on Instagram has a story. Whether it's a cheeky selfie, or an Instagram poster promoting your next event, we want to make sure the story your telling will have an impact on your customers and clients. 

We specialise in creating high quality Instagram posts that fit your brand image and help entertain, educate and inspire your customers. 


As much as it seems that life is all digital these days, sometimes it's important to keep grounded in the physical world. And that stands for your brand too! 

We can help design leaflets, business cards, brochures and other printable items, to help your company and brand to go. (We only do the designs, printing is it's own separate cost). 

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Every business needs a logo, A image that people can identify their brand with. Nike has the swoosh tick, Adidas has the three stripes. These are just shapes that has now become identifiers for their brand.

We can help create a similar logo for your brand. We want to make sure your logo best represents your company and brand. A logo that is a unique identifier for your brand. 



As a small business, we know it's hard to compete with the giants and even more so when you're not online.

We can help build your fist website and help you choose the best platform to start on. If you have a small business, and just want to sell online, we'll help you set up on Shopify . Or if you need a website thats more complex, we'll help you set up on another platform like Wordpress or Wix. 

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We helped create the Refined Nutrition Brand image. Their dark stylised 

mysterious brand image for this 

supplement company, helps attract their target market. 



Refined Nutrition

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G&Z Distribution are preparing for their debut in the supplement distribution business. We are currently helping them curate content to help them get ready for their launch. 

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G & Z Distribution

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I-Lift is a company that specialises in gym wear and fitness equipment. Currently, we're helping them rebrand and reach a bigger target market!

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G & Z Distribution


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